quacked in a sentence

"quacked" in Chinese  
  1. *I've blocked User : FMicronesian because they quacked.
  2. A family of ducks quacked noisily as they waddled around the barnyard.
  3. Al Gore quacked like a duck in a baby's face.
  4. The Ducks hadn't quacked at the Sweet 16 since 1960.
  5. Darkeclipse1 and Darkeclipse3 quacked, and thus were blocked.
  6. It's difficult to find quacked in a sentence.
  7. The KISW duck quacked his last quack in 1980 when the station dropped the promotion.
  8. What looked like a duck and quacked like a duck turned out to be a rubber ducky.
  9. With varying degrees of sincerity, most of them quacked, " Yes, but ."
  10. Geese flew over me, and ducks, startled into flight, quacked rapidly out of my path.
  11. And when we asked our waitress to explain one dish ( a pasta with duck ), she quacked.
  12. He had bad form on everything, and his passes looked so much like wounded ducks that they practically quacked.
  13. They all quacked, so, with the exception of the IP, all are now indefinitely blocked and tagged.
  14. He walked like a duck and quacked like a duck and he sure as hell looked like a playmaking guard to me.
  15. In case you haven't guessed, duck life in suburbia isn't all it's quacked up to be.
  16. It quacked like a tax increase and waddled like a tax increase _ and in the end, it died like a tax increase.
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