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  1. Q . How do you shape a debate on a bill?
  2. Q . Do you ever think of opening your own restaurant?
  3. Q : Can you explain the sudden increase in gasoline prices?
  4. Just as people sometimes turn fo a6er + % UhIQ5; q
  5. Q . Did the bill provide any special protection for women?
  6. It's difficult to find q in a sentence.
  7. Q : When did Technicolor in the movies first come out?
  8. Q . Please settle a bet between myself and my husband.
  9. Q : What and when are the dog days of summer?
  10. Q : What is the definition of cruel and unusual punishment?
  11. Q : What is the best monthly newsletter on mutual funds?
  12. Q . Were you surprised at the victorious bid from Fox?
  13. Q : Why is New York City called the Big Apple?
  14. Q . How long is a tour of duty at Guantanamo?
  15. Q . What are the names of your wife and child.
  16. Q : What happens if Congress fails to act this year?
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