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  1. Pyxis is to be operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Cardinal.
  2. Pyxis would become a wholly owned subsidiary of Cardinal under the agreement.
  3. But analysts said Pyxis would immediately add to Cardinal's earnings.
  4. The pyxis of al-Mughira is a masterwork of the genre.
  5. Pyxis declined to specify its revenue projection for Canada.
  6. It's difficult to find pyxis in a sentence.
  7. Pyxis, based in San Diego, had two years of flat earnings.
  8. And second, Pyxis Solitary invited three additional editors on Jan . 22.
  9. This circular Pyxis or box depicts two scenes.
  10. Cardinal Health fell after announcing it would buy Pyxis Corp . for $ 920 million.
  11. Pyxis also owns Allied Pharmacy Management Inc ., which operates pharmacies in 40 hospitals.
  12. Firmware 1.1 allowed the device to inherit sharing capabilities described by codename Pyxis.
  13. The word " pyx " comes from the pyxis " " meaning box or receptacle.
  14. Pyxis is Greek for jar ).
  15. San Diego-based Pyxis and its Allied Pharmacy Mangement unit make systems to manage drug supplies.
  16. Pyxis stock soared $ 6.375, to $ 22.125, in NASDAQ trading.
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