put down in a sentence

"put down" meaning  "put down" in Chinese  
  1. What is a reasonable amount to put down on a lease?
  2. We believe to end further suffering they should be put down.
  3. What you put down your throat is part of that price.
  4. Ramos helped put down at least seven coup attempts against her.
  5. Najibullah put down his Kalashnikov assault rifle and swallowed another Valium.
  6. It's difficult to find put down in a sentence.
  7. Liberty puts down her shopping bag and rests her bunioned feet.
  8. Saddam carried out the attack to put down a Kurdish rebellion.
  9. Alex Williams put down his mop and apologized for the mess.
  10. But now you can put down your towel wherever you like.
  11. The objective is to encircle stones put down by an opponent.
  12. The Pentagon said Sunday that the uprising had been put down.
  13. I put down that I was a warrant officer in logistics.
  14. He put down his magnifying glass and glared at his brother.
  15. I put down my pen and picked up a french fry.
  16. I will not put down Fairway at all as a business.
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