pussyfooting in a sentence

"pussyfooting" in Chinese  
  1. "I said, ` What am I pussyfooting around for?
  2. Let's not waste time by pussyfooting about race.
  3. :Coming back to the main point, why all this pussyfooting?
  4. No pussyfooting with congressional hearings or opinion polls.
  5. There are obvious reasons for this pussyfooting around.
  6. It's difficult to find pussyfooting in a sentence.
  7. And the textbooks will back her up, with no pussyfooting around the matter.
  8. Amidst the pussyfooting, then, it was surprising to watch Gore drop a bomblet.
  9. Enough with the straw man ridden pussyfooting.
  10. Mr . Bad Manners believes that there is too much limp-wristed pussyfooting going on.
  11. Stop pussyfooting around . "'
  12. It's a transition so pussyfooting that you're barely aware it's happening at all.
  13. "( No Pussyfooting ) " was recorded in three days over the course of a year.
  14. All of this is pussyfooting around a basic point, in order to wikilawyer some relatively obvious POV-pushing.
  15. The pervasive public pussyfooting by the candidates who will be entrusted with the punishment of the admitted miscreant has two causes:
  16. I suggested creating an actual limit instead of pussyfooting around it with all that pseudo-unofficial-guideline limit stuff.
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