pull in a sentence

"pull" meaning  "pull" in Chinese  
  1. It was enough to make you pull out your own hair.
  2. Once he pulls out he can't see ."
  3. He pulls on latex gloves and scours the counter with cleaner.
  4. Not all members of a team always pull their own weight.
  5. They can just pull a wildcat strike whenever they want to.
  6. It's difficult to find pull in a sentence.
  7. He attempted to pull away on the bike . . ..
  8. Spread the fabric loop out and pull up over the arms.
  9. The last 400 French troops are to pull out on Sunday.
  10. High boots can pull together a short skirt and long coat.
  11. So they get Biondi to pull a Bork and fire Gutkowski.
  12. They'd just pull you out of line ."
  13. The pull of process is powerful in other disciplines as well.
  14. A sink drains because gravity pulls the water through the pipes.
  15. Walters missed the second half of practice with a groin pull.
  16. I want to be on the train when it pulls out.
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