pull alongside in a sentence

"pull alongside" in Chinese  
  1. As he was leaving, Monreal saw another car pull alongside.
  2. "I was able to pull alongside him on turn 15.
  3. But the ships could not safely pull alongside because of high seas.
  4. She also slowed down, allowing another car to pull alongside of her.
  5. That gave Paul enough to pull alongside of me.
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  7. Grain wagons pull alongside, offloading beans or corn from the combines'hoppers.
  8. A vehicle pulls alongside the couple's car and Bakley's hit by gunfire.
  9. Several times, the Australian managed to pull alongside, but could not complete the pass.
  10. Several said they were unaware anything had occurred until they saw two military jets pull alongside their plane.
  11. In some cases, fighters pull alongside an unidentified plane to call in its tail number to authorities.
  12. Prosecutors contend Carruth stopped his car in front of Adams so the others could pull alongside and shoot her.
  13. However, the two closest ships could not pull alongside the Viking Isabella because of high winds and seas.
  14. He raced through it to pull alongside Never Bend and then moved ahead to win the race by 1?lengths.
  15. As they begin to kiss, the sudden reappearance of the pilot as his plane pulls alongside the window unnerves Jerry.
  16. The loss of momentum allowed Jenson Button to pull alongside Vettel through turn two and then pass him in turn three.
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