pull a in a sentence

"pull a" in Chinese  
  1. They can just pull a wildcat strike whenever they want to.
  2. So they get Biondi to pull a Bork and fire Gutkowski.
  3. We're looking to pull a big upset ."
  4. He has the power to pull a crowd into his corner.
  5. How easy it would be, instead, to pull a sword
  6. It's difficult to find pull a in a sentence.
  7. "We're going to pull a Doug Flutie.
  8. My whole life I only had to pull a gun once.
  9. These usually become an engine that pulls a lot of cars,
  10. But do not be shocked if Fassel pulls a few miracles.
  11. Each bridesmaid pulls a charm from the cake with a ribbon.
  12. Climb in a hole and pull a blanket over our heads?
  13. One hand reaches out and pulls a lost soul from harm,
  14. She pulls a turtleneck over John's wiry gray hair.
  15. He had McGahee push and pull a Ford 4x4 pickup truck.
  16. Pull as much of the grass as your hands can grab.
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