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  1. They are linked to and Gordon pulls a train of mainland rolling stock to London.
  2. Serena has been dating Rick Von Sloneker, a young, pull a train " several years before, after which she committed suicide.
  3. Consequently, the company was uncertain if the engine's metal wheels would grip the metal rails sufficiently to pull a train up to the top of the ridge.
  4. The objection to the Microsoft icon, as with all objections to Microsoft, is that it uses its operating system as a locomotive to pull a train of applications and is thus anticompetitive.
  5. The objection to Microsoft Network, as with all objections to Microsoft software, is that it uses its operating system as a locomotive to pull a train of applications-- and shutting out competition.
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  7. :: : IIRC, the world's highest ranked master of Kung Fu's Iron Penis form ( yes-that really does exist ! ) can pull a train with his member.
  8. When a locomotive pulls a train of freight cars to a loading / unloading station, it approximately positions them with respect to freight handling equipment, since locomotives are not well-suited for precise positioning.
  9. One disadvantage of the design was that the small reverse turbine only had sufficient power for manoeuvring " light engine " and the locomotive always had to be turned to face forwards in order to pull a train.
  10. In mines where grades were not uniform or where the grades were not steep enough for gravity to pull a train into the mine, the main hoisting rope could be augmented with a tail rope connected to the opposite end of the train of mine cars.
  11. Railway technology primitive and unproven as late as 1835 had advanced, especially in the construction of a much faster locomotive with the tractive power to pull a train of cargo while climbing significant grades so as to allow construction of a railroad over the Alleghenies by the Pennsylvania Railroad, a private company.

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