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  1. The dentist charged a quarter to pull a tooth, he remembered.
  2. I can see what a dentist goes through when he pulls a tooth,
  3. The dentist is about to pull a tooth that's forced the crowding of her lower teeth.
  4. Tina Moessner has used On-Site five or six times, including visits to pull a tooth and get a crown.
  5. In severe situations, barbers or blacksmiths would pull a tooth, but for many years Canada lagged behind European advances.
  6. It's difficult to find pull a tooth in a sentence.
  7. In a rare funny scene, Kevin sticks his hand in liquid Novocain instead of soap and has to pull a tooth, with hands that have turned to jelly.
  8. Using techniques that are not uncommon for studying black bears, Onorato is trapping and holding the animals just long enough to draw blood, take ear tissue and hair and pull a tooth.
  9. To give you an example of how well-trained they are, the medics, those highly trained young men, can conduct _ they can pull a tooth, or they can amputate a leg, if need be.
  10. "A dentist who pulls a tooth slowly does no one favors, " the Democrat from Delawar said in a news conference in Seoul, where he was attending the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum this week.
  11. I have a line that goes, ` I can shave a cheek and pull a tooth .'I have to get over the fear of saying something like, ` I can chave a sheik and tull a pooth .'
  12. :If they were born after approximately 1946 or so, you can pin it down to within 1.6 years-but you'll need to pull a tooth to check the leftover radiation from atmospheric nuclear tests . talk ) 00 : 35, 14 August 2008 ( UTC)
  13. AGES 6 and up The right audience for the sight gags, broad humor ( forced to pull a tooth, Sinbad dips his hands into Novocain ) and extended McDonald's commercial ( posing as a vegetarian, Sinbad can't wait to get his hands on a burger and fries ).

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