pull a few strings in a sentence

"pull a few strings" meaning  "pull a few strings" in Chinese  
  1. I can pull a few strings on that one.
  2. But don't think Harris can pull a few strings for the Sun Devils just because he's a member of the committee.
  3. Gonzales has one son, who was born in 1999 . She pulls a few strings to get Morales into homicide as T . J .'s new partner.
  4. The winner of the tournament is allowed to leave the prison on early parole because Lieutenant Arnsworth can pull a few strings on the parole board, and Gordone feels as though he would be able to win it.
  5. Hannah's inspiration, and the work of the Children's Diabetes Center at UCLA, was more than enough to get Zeile to pull a few strings with the Dodgers today to help raise some money for the foundation.
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  7. In an effort to pay off the bookies, his uncle pulls a few strings and gets him a job working for a gangster named Deepthroat ( played by John Goodman ), who needs a " runner " to place bets with various bookies.

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