pulkovo heights in a sentence

  1. In 1943 he was wounded in the battle of Pulkovo Heights.
  2. Thick forest and covered the Pulkovo heights, but it was gradually cut down.
  3. His troops captured Tsarskoe Selo, but the next day were defeated at the Pulkovo Heights.
  4. In Neolithic times ( about 7500-5000 years ago ) Pulkovo heights were Littorina Sea coast.
  5. Even the guns from the cruiser were moved inland to the Pulkovo Heights to the south of Leningrad.
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  7. In 1806 1809 he built three monumental fountains around Pulkovo Heights, one to design by Voronikhin and two of his own.
  8. During the October Revolution Boris Donskoy was a commissar at the Fort Ino, just outside Saint Petersburg, from where he directed military formations to the Pulkovo Heights.
  9. Imperial Observatory at Pulkowo ), the principal astronomical observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, located 19 km south of Saint Petersburg on Pulkovo Heights above sea level.
  10. During the night of 12 13 September took up positions of the Pulkovski defensive line, extending from Strelna through Konstantinovka, Finskoye Koyrovo, Upper Koyrovo, Upper Kuzmin near the, and Pulkovo Heights.
  11. The three divisions of 30th Guards Corps attacked from Pulkovo Heights and by the end of the day had advanced 4.5 km through very dense defenses, although the corps on each flank encountered greater resistance.

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