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  1. Large public accounting firms perform thousands of audits annually.
  2. He said a public accounting firm is already helping the organization institute financial checks and balances.
  3. Any public accounting firm may find itself in litigation no matter how careful the CPAs were.
  4. In 2005, Aronson merged with Capron Associates, LLP, a small public accounting firm based in Bethesda, Maryland.
  5. Although privately held, a public accounting firm audits the company's operations and financials on an annual basis.
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  7. Accounting managers in large public accounting firms can expect an 8.9 percent increase in salaries, according to the report.
  8. This slate is then voted on by IIS membership through a secret ballot certified by an independent public accounting firm.
  9. "' Joseph Eve, Certified Public Accountants "'is an American public accounting firm with approximately 70 employees practicing in 28 states.
  10. After working for public accounting firms, she took time off to raise a family and eventually started her own accounting practice.
  11. Accounting managers in large public accounting firms can expect an 8 . 9 percent increase in salaries, according to the report.
  12. Outside of his higher education career, Miller has worked as either an owner or partner of a public accounting firm since 1978.
  13. As a result of litigation against public accounting firms, amounts in excess of $ 300 million have been awarded to these parties.
  14. "It reminds me of the way I played in the Mid-Amateur, " said Jackson, a partner in a certified public accounting firm.
  15. Public accounting firms must also stay independent of the client in many cases, so speculations about the industry etc is often avoided.
  16. The big public accounting firms have as much invested in preserving the status quo as the other players in the earnings game.
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