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  1. Greater public accountability and transparency of the agencies will do the job.
  2. Indian media highlights energy challenges, social progress, public accountability and looming disaster.
  3. "There's a complete lack of interest in public accountability, " he said.
  4. They also cite a lack of public accountability and a cop-style clannishness.
  5. Consequently the aspect of public accountability within government bureaucracies is very weak.
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  7. Clearly, this investigation has to meet a higher standard of public accountability.
  8. Thus public accountability, transparency and a level playing field may become irrelevant.
  9. Public accountability can be a powerful first step toward behavior modification.
  10. The Vatican, like the Kremlin, has little sense of public accountability.
  11. This has introduced greater discipline and public accountability into policy decision-making.
  12. The new oversight structure is called the Public Accountability Board ( PAB ).
  13. But they said that anything that does not increase public accountability is unacceptable.
  14. This prevents any sort of serious public accountability of the agency.
  15. This investigation has to meet a higher standard of public accountability and integrity.
  16. Therefore, the focus of these evaluations shifts from scientific justification to public accountability.
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