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  1. Let's make public accommodations show you the same courtesy they grant nonsmokers.
  2. The division litigates discrimination cases in employment, housing, education and public accommodations.
  3. He ruled that courses during tournaments are " places of public accommodation ."
  4. The law applies to all businesses, including housing and public accommodations.
  5. Colonial Williamsburg offered some of the earlier public accommodations on an integrated basis.
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  7. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 mandated desegregation in public accommodations.
  8. He publicly backed the public accommodations section of Segregation is wrong.
  9. That historic measure provided African Americans with access to previously segregated public accommodations.
  10. I think it is a tremendous stretch to call AOL a public accommodation,
  11. The New Jersey law against discrimination applies to public accommodations.
  12. The complaint cites the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in public accommodations.
  13. Southwest Airlines'online site was earlier held not to constitute a place of public accommodation.
  14. Would have outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing, employment and public accommodations.
  15. The court called the Boy Scouts a public accommodation to which anti-discrimination laws apply.
  16. Discrimination is forbidden in employment, housing, lending and public accommodations.
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