public access tv in a sentence

  1. There is a page in wiki on public access TV right?
  2. These cable companies hired Glendora as their public access TV packager.
  3. It broadcast on DC public access TV and YouTube.
  4. Their roster as of 2016 consists of Public Access TV, and others.
  5. He eventually began working on his own songs and formed " Public Access TV ".
  6. It's difficult to find public access tv in a sentence.
  7. Instead, he says, his soldiers are peacefully distributing videos to public access TV stations across the country.
  8. Teabo is a veteran psychic with a newspaper column, a public access TV program and scores of repeat customers.
  9. A friend who works at a public access TV station didn't want a video of her own wedding.
  10. Moves to liberalize broadcast laws, such as opening public access TV channels, had gone on hold, it said.
  11. After graduation C . K . worked as an auto mechanic and at a public access TV cable station in Boston.
  12. Many of these performances were presented on episodes of his public access TV show,  Frank Moore s Unlimited Possibilities.
  13. John was interviewed and recorded by Tuli Kupferberg for Revolting News, his public access TV show in New York, 1993.
  14. In November 2014, Public Access TV released their debut single " In The Mirror " in the UK to critical acclaim.
  15. He is currently a member of the band Public Access TV, in which he sings, plays guitar, and writes songs.
  16. Public Access TV announced their debut album, " Never Enough ", would be released on September 30, 2016.
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