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  1. The main event was later broadcast statewide on public access television.
  2. In Miami the recount was broadcast on public access television.
  3. Glendora remained on cable and public access television throughout the 1980s and 1990s.
  4. Phillips operated the public access television station for Gill Cable TV in 1977.
  5. In Maplewood, parents could hear about the planned changes on public access television.
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  7. Activists began producing videos, including a scattering of programs for public access television.
  8. They videotaped their antics at the meetings and broadcast them on local public access television.
  9. They have performed on Channel 31, a Public Access Television show  Preceding contribs)
  10. QPTV is part of Public Access Television.
  11. But " Rent Wars Ronin " is a step up for public access television.
  12. She was a teen host of Get Real, a public access television show in Seattle.
  13. Program Distribution : Producers finished programs are transmitted on one of two Public Access television channels.
  14. The easiest way, at least in the US, is to use public access television channels.
  15. They have appeared on " Guitbox " a popular public access television show in Portland, Oregon.
  16. Critics say groups have used public access television not only to espouse their views but to threaten others.
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