public access stations in a sentence

  1. Poudre School District and Colorado State University each have public access stations as well.
  2. In 1999, the studios of Charter Communications'public access station WSCS were moved to UW Sheboygan.
  3. "' Access Tucson "'is a public access station located in Tucson, Arizona.
  4. The aforementioned 26 filmed episodes from the last season of the show have occasionally been screened on low-rating public access stations.
  5. The live feed relayed to Manhattan Cable's public access channel in New York and to Bay Area s public access station.
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  7. The show evolved from " Beyond Vaudeville, " which ran for 10 years on a public access station in New York City.
  8. On PEG, the program has received over 1, 200 downloads and has been aired on over 90 public access stations in 24 states.
  9. During this time, Louis filmed his first broadcast television show " Louis Live " on a public access station in Tucson, Arizona.
  10. Comcast subsequently pushed back the date of the removal to September 3, despite protests from viewers, politicians, and Nashua's public access station.
  11. After his death she began hosting and producing documentaries for public access stations KVIE and KCBS for many years as well as working for more than 20 years for KPIX.
  12. In 2005, while the Seattle city government was renegotiating the franchise agreement with Comcast, there were concerns about the cable company trying to shut down the public access station.
  13. In three years as general manager of the public access station where Ru Paul had his first show, former Turner Broadcasting employee Fussell may have thought she'd seen everything.
  14. As a result of the trip, he co-produced a video entitled " The Other Side of Free Trade " shown around the country at colleges and public access stations.
  15. He said Malden's public access station has been able to limit offensive programming by reminding the viewers who want to sponsor it that " they will be held accountable ."
  16. Phuong is 19, which means she's part of the target viewing audience for the new weekly block of programming launching this afternoon on People TV, the Atlanta public access station.
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