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  1. Public access channels were first created when cable operators received franchises from local communities.
  2. So he hit up the local public access channel in his hometown outside of Cleveland.
  3. The mayor wants to turn one of the city's public access channels over to Murdoch.
  4. He looked more like he belonged on a local public access channel than national cable television.
  5. Currently, this station, two Christian television stations WLJC-TV in public access channels that serve the region.
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  7. Local governments typically require cable companies to offer a public access channel before granting them licenses.
  8. Basic service in Newton costs $ 6.21 a month and includes 20 broadcast and public access channels.
  9. He began his show on radio, then moved it to an Ottawa public access channel in 1994.
  10. Caren grew up in public access channel.
  11. Basic service in Newton costs $ 6 . 21 a month and includes 20 broadcast and public access channels.
  12. Oliver said the public access channel is watched by many, adding that he himself is recognized across Connecticut by viewers.
  13. "Bush's idea for the perfect debate would be on an Austin public access channel during the Women's Olympic gymnastic finals,"
  14. Lobbying groups that favor live coverage agreed, noting that some cable systems can put legislative coverage on public access channels.
  15. BronxNet public access channel is also headquartered in Carman Hall, where many programs are produced including Bronx Talk and Open.
  16. Fiji Vision will offer 15 to 20 channels, four of which would be free for education and public access channels.
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