public - private partnership in a sentence

"public - private partnership" in Chinese  
  1. But there are ways you can have public-private partnerships.
  2. Gates has been a strong supporter of public-private partnerships.
  3. A public-private partnership was explored but nothing feasible resulted.
  4. Some smaller PDAMs have associated themselves under Public-Private Partnerships.
  5. The Hillside development exemplifies the increasing sophistication of public-private partnerships.
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  7. "It's a public-private partnership,"
  8. In a public-private partnership you have risk on both sides.
  9. It would take some kind of public-private partnership,
  10. Kabakoff used public-private partnerships to finance the deal.
  11. His vision for public-private partnerships was right on.
  12. We need public-private partnerships that transcend old barriers.
  13. Public-private partnerships are as old as the National Park Service.
  14. It would be run through a public-private partnership.
  15. You need a public-private partnership to do that.
  16. Leveraging private investment, we have created public-private partnerships ."
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