public - address system in a sentence

"public - address system" in Chinese  
  1. Willis said, except the public-address system went dead.
  2. Maya takes out the guard with a public-address system.
  3. Huskey had no help from the public-address system Monday night.
  4. The public-address system blasted the annoying Indy-car whine.
  5. The public-address system played rock music as the afternoon progressed.
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  7. She volunteered to read the daily announcements over the public-address system.
  8. Burns told volunteers over the public-address system.
  9. Loud pop music surged over the Coliseum's public-address system.
  10. Before the morning rehearsal, peppy music played over the public-address system.
  11. They're using public-address systems.
  12. No explanation over the public-address system.
  13. The question and the answer will be played over the public-address system.
  14. Another overhauled the public-address system.
  15. A few minutes later, she heard her name over the public-address system.
  16. Teams warn spectators over the public-address system about pucks flying into the crowd.
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