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  1. A year later, Abiola was jailed on treason charges after publi
  2. The problem is that a large segment of the movie-going publi
  3. A majority stake was acquired in Sellbranch by Swiss Media company Publi Grouppe.
  4. Florida _ Permit holders'names and addresses are available to the publi c.
  5. Publi-Graphics will continue under that name with Mustapha Assad remaining as president.
  6. It's difficult to find publi in a sentence.
  7. Asia Pacific Business Travel Guide 1997 / 98 ( Priory Publi cations ) 6.
  8. Second, it awards grants to curators in order improve their ability to serve the publi
  9. The new owner and publisher is Publi-Inversiones, formed by a group of local entrepreneurs.
  10. To support his growing family, Cristiani founded the advertising company Publi-Cinema, where he made short commercial cartoons.
  11. He began to acquire a reputation only with his second collection, " In the Trojan Ditch, " publi; 4247 1974.
  12. DESIRABLE MEN-How to Find Them by Dr Romance ( Prima Publi-shing ) : Where does one begin looking for Mr Right?
  13. Publi-Graphics has 300 employees working in offices in 13 countries on accounts with billings of $ 150 million for clients like Nestle and Unilever.
  14. Voulgarakis, the publi # oSder minister, dismissed such concerns, saying that construction would be completed far enough in advance to allow for proper training.
  15. Publicis SA in Paris made two acquisitions _ AMA in Manila and a majority stake in Publi-Graphics in Beirut, Lebanon _ both for undisclosed terms.
  16. And the At Home Corp ., the Internet-access company that went publi two weeks ago, will soon use cable wires to offer singles for downloading.
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