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  1. These muscles run from the bottom of the breast bone to the top of the pubis bone.
  2. He suffered from osteitis pubis, a condition in which stomach and groin muscles tear away from the pubis bone.
  3. The "'pubovesical ligament "'is a ligament that extends from the neck of the pubis bones.
  4. Pubic hair is slippery and assists in reducing friction when two pubis bones come in contact . . . or so I am informed.
  5. X-rays showed that extra bone between the pubic symphysis ( parts of the parasitic twin's ischium and pubis bones ) had been absorbed, or were not ossified.
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  7. They originate at the pubis bone, run up the abdomen on either side of the linea alba, and insert into the cartilages of the fifth, sixth, and seventh ribs.
  8. In 1915, Mehl described a " distal femur " in the holotype specimen of " Poposaurus ", but Galton interpreted this to be the fused end of the hip's pubis bones.
  9. He played the early part of the season with an injury to his pubis bone, similar to that which had kept teammate Chris Brandon out the previous season, eventually succumbing to the need to rest it.

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