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  1. Two in the Propert collection have been lost sight of.
  2. The propert was also owned by racetrack owner Frank DeFrancis and his daughter, Karin DeFrancis Van Dyke since 1989.
  3. Other concerts included one by David Propert, organist at Trinity Church, who gave a concert on October 15, 1771.
  4. Vanitha will ask Ram to fight for his part of propert from Chakravathy family and Chitradevi will write all the property on Seetha's name as per their family tradition.
  5. In New Hampshire, which has until now relied mostly on local propert taxes to pay for schools, tax rates vary by as much as fifteen-fold between poor and wealthy communities.
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  7. By 1851, the Medical Benevolent Society had limited itself to the foundation of a single Benevolent College, and met in Treasurer John Propert's house in New Cavendish Street, Marylebone.
  8. It was announced in August 2008 by Regal Propert Group that they had established a dedicated hotel development division which will work on development sites including Regal Tower site, as well as working in conjunction with Hilton Hotels and InterContinental Hotels Group.
  9. Clarification : In last week's column about prenuptial agreements, I should have said Texas and other community propert { { uates presume that divorcing couples'shared assets and liabilities will be divided equally, but judges have discretion to use several factors to determine what the final division actually will be.
  10. *1993 : A . Kaposi and I . Pyle, Systems are not only software, Software Engineering J ., January 1993, pp . 31-39 . ( Presents a " systems approach which affords insight into the whole development process by use of a small set of concepts : systems, their propert ies, their structure, and models thereof . " This paper can help to establish a common body of " system engineering " terminology and to dispel some of the parochial ideas that " My systems engineering is different than . . . . . ")

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