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  1. To date, about every sales promotion appears to have succeeded.
  2. -- Conduct promotions and direct selling only under full disclosure.
  3. Taylor was here for several promotions, including a television commercial.
  4. The younger American players have seen all the NBA video promotions.
  5. TWA probably won't make a profit on its promotion.
  6. It's difficult to find promotion in a sentence.
  7. Whitaker tries to play the promotion game, he really does.
  8. Minor-league baseball means promotions, the zanier the better.
  9. Is the cost of promotion at fairs worth it to corporations?
  10. Add to that : " and promotion vehicle ."
  11. For McDonald's, the promotion serves a dual purpose.
  12. The four that remain may simply have their next promotions delayed.
  13. The evaluations will become the basis for promotions and precinct assignments.
  14. And that itself is a powerful tool for the promotion nonproliferation.
  15. Several are already offering promotions and decking their halls with holly.
  16. Can an employer substitute enrichment of work for promotions and raises?
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