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  1. The first was when a promotion exercise was in progress in a department.
  2. Only 26 of the 100 candidates for 40 senior superintendent posts offered in the latest promotion exercise, which ended two months ago, were considered suitable.
  3. However, he admitted the force might bring forward to the end of this year the promotion exercise for senior superintendent posts scheduled for early next year.
  4. IPOH, Wed .-The Ministry of Education has put off indefinitely the promotion exercise for Tamil school headmasters following an appeal by the National Union of Tamil School Teachers.
  5. According to Shahul Hamid, the Negri Sembilan Education Department had given a verbal undertaking that the teachers would be considered for promotion as headmasters during the promotion exercise.
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  7. In addition to the " Aptitude Test ", the overall performance of a child during the entire school year will also be considered when the promotion exercise to Standard Five is done.
  8. As I reflected this week on Independence Day, I thought about the words that I had spoken last month at the promotion exercise for fifth-graders at W . M . Green Elementary School in Fort Worth.
  9. Also in 1962, he took advantage of the relaxation by Nikita Khrushchev of the rigidity of Soviet rule to mount an unprecedented promotion exercise for the recently launched Sunday Times Colour Magazine, which did not immediately return satisfactory advertising revenue.
  10. His " Heart Your Smile " campaign to get more people to visit their dentist along with other trustees Seema Sharma, Simon Gambold and Roger Matthews, was alleged by many commentators to actually be a self promotion exercise and was widely derided.

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