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  1. In that role Gomm introduced promotion examinations for officers.
  2. Secondly, military law was included in the syllabus for retention and promotion examinations for military officers.
  3. The handbook also covered the syllabus of Part B and D promotion examinations and DSSC entrance examination.
  4. Once admitted to the Corps, there are internal promotion examinations for promotion to other professional groups in the Municipal Police.
  5. Military Law at a Glance 9 was a concise book which came in the form of a handbook for army promotion examinations.
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  7. The Fire Department began promoting black, Hispanic and female firefighters ahead of their white male colleagues who had scored several points higher on the promotion examination.
  8. As with any Home Office police force, officers are required to sit and pass the OSPRE promotion examinations to be considered for promotion to sergeant and inspector.
  9. He became the first black sergeant in the department, but he was on the force 19 years before he was ever allowed to take the promotions examination.
  10. When minority police officers scored poorly last year on a sergeant's promotion examination, he reminded them of his own failures and told them to keep the faith and continue studying.
  11. The proposals available to place before the senate depend on the number of promotion examinations completed by a character; these examinations consist of a battle between a handful of monsters and a single character on the floor of the Assembly.
  12. He pointed to the smaller police academy class sizes, the universal civil rights training of troopers, the computerization of records, the improvements in minority recruitment and advancement, and the institution of a promotions examination, then reverted to his original theme.
  13. In 2014, under the leadership of Inde Abdullahi Dikko as the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, the first ever Computer Based Promotion Examination ( CBT ) was conducted and the outcome of the exercise was one of the criteria used for the promotion of officers to various ranks in 2015.
  14. He successfully sat the Officers'Promotion Examinations in March 1934, and from 3 April 1934 served on the staff of the No . 201 Squadron, based at RAF Calshot, flying the Southampton II, and later the Saro London . and on 4 October was appointed the Directorate of Intelligence at the Air Ministry.
  15. General Arora commanded 12 Infantry Division of the Indian Army and was head of the Red Forces Branch of Army Training Command before seeking voluntary retirement in October 2009 . " Indian Military Review " has been recommended by the USI of India, a think tank of the three Indian services, which runs UN peacekeeping programmes and correspondence courses for staff college course aspirants and for promotion examinations.

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