promotion code in a sentence

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  1. Also, GOG . com gives away promotion codes for a game with review contests.
  2. Call ( 877 ) 462-2352 to reserve; ask for promotion code H-155.
  3. The site began by featuring online coupons, printable coupons for restaurants and grocery stores, and promotion codes.
  4. The following year the tobacco companies amended their Cigarette Advertising and Promotion Code and promised to stop such product placement.
  5. Call ( 800 ) 872-7245 and ask for promotion code H146 for the 30-percent discount and H151 for the children's discount.
  6. It's difficult to find promotion code in a sentence.
  7. This entails calling the airline's frequent flier program or going online and giving your frequent flier number and a promotion code, available on the Web site or from a representative.
  8. The code was never deactivated, however, and resulted in the free giveaway of the pizzas across the United States after someone discovered the promotion on the website by typing in the word " bailout " as the promotion code and then shared it with others on the Internet.
  9. First, they need to register at offers . mileageplus . com / mpw049h or by calling ( 800 ) 645-4502 and entering promotion code 49 . The second step, after registration, is to take two paid domestic round trips or one paid international trip before Dec . 31.

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