promotion campaign in a sentence

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  1. This precinct has been used in tourist promotion campaigns for the city.
  2. This promotion campaign resulted in a total of over 7 million downloads.
  3. There was a tragedy for the club, however, in that promotion campaign.
  4. Health promotion campaigns began applying social marketing in practice in the 1980s.
  5. This is a massive promotion campaign, way beyond the normal distribution agreement.
  6. It's difficult to find promotion campaign in a sentence.
  7. Which is why they are counting on the upcoming advertising and promotion campaign.
  8. 1, 500 cabbies take part in sports promotion campaign, NEW STRAITS
  9. Brock's most memorable contribution during the promotion campaign came as a deputy goalkeeper.
  10. Mick McCarthy tipped Clark to play an important role in Sunderland's promotion campaign.
  11. His honours included three promotion campaigns, once each with Gillingham, Plymouth, and Torquay.
  12. Aksam has pledged to give out television sets as part of its promotion campaign.
  13. A hairless Dana Nlbaru was the image associated throughout her new album promotion campaign.
  14. The promotion campaigns have been criticized for lowering the quality of the print media.
  15. Delaware Street businesses are preparing a joint spring promotion campaign.
  16. They used the Magritte exhibition as a tool in a general tourist promotion campaign.
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