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  1. Leach slashed the promotion budget while applying pressure to popularize the concerts.
  2. That is why we are not reducing our advertising and promotions budget.
  3. It's an approach that usually means the promotion budget will be minimal.
  4. Marcovici, the Ecuadorian producer, said he had no promotion budget at all.
  5. Its promotion budget is skimpy, forcing it to be more inventive.
  6. It's difficult to find promotion budget in a sentence.
  7. The average company allocated 10 percent of its consumer promotion budget to sampling.
  8. Much of that promotions budget was spent on " Dune,"
  9. The film had a low promotion budget and limited release.
  10. The United States used to, until 1995 when Congress abolished the tourism promotion budget.
  11. Seacon Square reduced its promotion budget by 20 per cent in the second half of 1997.
  12. Or maybe it is the movie's multimillion-dollar advertising and promotion budget, which will reach unprecedented heights.
  13. I've spent this month's promotions budget, as well as next month's and the month after that ."
  14. Rumours suggested the promoter had spent the promotion budget for the next three years in a single season.
  15. -- Cut advertising and promotion budgets;
  16. On the other hand, he believes tobacco companies are unlikely to cut their own advertising and promotions budgets.
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