promotion activities in a sentence

"promotion activities" in Chinese  
  1. Tumor promotion activity was traced to phorbol esters present in croton oil.
  2. As Consul General in New York, she was engaged in investment promotion activities.
  3. For summer 2016, the Namja Town amusement park held special Godzilla cross-promotion activities.
  4. These orange-colored cheering tools are used in each member's individual promotion activities as well.
  5. He said a State Government subsidiary would be identified to undertake tourism promotion activities.
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  7. Outside sales promotion activities include advertising, publicity, public relations activities, and special sales events.
  8. This was part of the promotion activities linked to the album that had ecological inspirations.
  9. The government will allocate around Bt604 million as the budget for the export promotion activities.
  10. His cultural promotion activities were done in his home state of Guerrero and in Mexico City.
  11. To get its skiers back, the village intends to increase its promotion activities from next month on.
  12. Ruffo's initial concert promotion activities with Bass Clef Entertainment included concerts by Culture Club and Duran Duran.
  13. In 2006, the Mean Fiddler Music Group reduced its touring and promotion activities to concentrate on running festivals.
  14. Under this strategic alliance, both parties will discuss and explore business opportunities and joint marketing and promotion activities.
  15. Political activities include promotion of socialist policy, electoral promotion activities, social care projects in Alchevsk, Kirovsk, Bryanka and Donetskiy.
  16. Pharmexcil takes up several external trade promotion activities by organizing trade delegations outside India, arranging buyer-seller meetings, international seminars, etc.
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