promotings in a sentence

"promotings" in Chinese  
  1. It was promoted to the hotels as a really big event.
  2. They now are contacting the media directly to promote their product.
  3. On Q runs four days a week, promoting trendy fashions.
  4. Both are aggressive officers with good records who were recently promoted.
  5. But what he is promoting is violence on the Cuban people.
  6. It's difficult to find promotings in a sentence.
  7. And corporate America is becoming quite creative in promoting its products.
  8. So he has established an occasional journal dedicated to promoting tolerance.
  9. Let's do our best to promote them ."
  10. Obesity encourages snoring, as does anything which promotes deepest sleep.
  11. And Grizzard did a great job of promoting Harold's.
  12. Prime Ticket promoted former bean counter Kathryn " Kitty"
  13. The measure, they say, promotes hatred and counters morality.
  14. He promoted it as a " finishing school ."
  15. Its goal is to unite, represent and promote area theater.
  16. "They're just not promoting us ."
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