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  1. But then it was promoted way back in 2003, so it's not surprising.
  2. Perhaps the senator is driven, but surely not in a partisan or self-promoting way.
  3. We have been aggressive in promoting ways to improve the outdoors experience in Eastern North Carolina.
  4. Was promoted way back in September 05 . talk 19 : 26, 27 August 2007 ( UTC)
  5. The unaccountable phenomenon born as Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone holds to her self-promoting ways in her 39th year.
  6. It's difficult to find promoting ways in a sentence.
  7. Promoted way back in December 2003.
  8. The new study center would fund research on patient safety nationwide and promote ways to apply the findings.
  9. :: : It is EvanBlass's opinion that I've only made negative edits because he wrote the article in a self-promoting way to begin with.
  10. The most obvious of these is adoption of a health-promoting way of life, which is now routinely prescribed to prevent and treat heart disease.
  11. But since several theaters opened this spring, there are now 12 new screens for art films, and their theaters are promoting ways to enhance the moviegoing experience.
  12. I would hate to see this article or its featured topic be demoted, but the article was promoted way back in 2007, and I think it needs some touching up.
  13. He announced the creation of an " anti-corruption academy, " which he hoped would become a regional center for promoting ways to investigate and monitor corruption, and to better enforce anti-corruption laws.
  14. (2 ) By promising immortality, it encourages people like you to keep buying the patent medicines whose ads, promoting ways to survive the nightmare of being over 30, keep TV news in business.
  15. Government officials from 21 countries began meeting in Caracas at the Third Western Hemisphere Energy Summit to promote ways to meet the area's projected 3 percent annual growth in its demand for energy.
  16. NKK and Kawasaki Steel said they will set up a committee to promote ways to save costs by as much as 60 billion yen ( $ 483 million ) by doing business together.
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