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  1. This accumulation of adenosine serves as a sleep-promoting substance.
  2. She contributed to the study of growth-promoting substances in plants.
  3. Q : Does decaffeinated tea contain the same health-promoting substances found in regular tea?
  4. So the enzyme may be useful to treat diseases that involve that inflammation-promoting substance, researchers said.
  5. The soybean also contains hemaglutinin, a clot-promoting substance that causes red blood cells to lump together.
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  7. In the mice that got the green tea ingredient, blood vessel growth was sharply reduced despite the growth-promoting substance.
  8. _Allow school districts to sell advertising on buses, as long as they don't promote substances that are illegal for minors.
  9. Garber, who replaced Doug Logan as MLS commissioner in August, announced Wednesday the abolishment of the postmatch shootout, indicating that the league will promote substance over gimmicks.
  10. Karel Van Noppen was shot last year following warnings to stop interfering with the so-called " hormone mafia " that deals in the banned, growth-promoting substances.
  11. In 1955, hematologist Leon O . Jacobson challenged Goldwasser to begin a search for the red blood cell-promoting substance, a task that Goldwasser assumed could be accomplished in a few months.
  12. The major factor determining how much slow-wave sleep is observed in a given sleep period is the duration of preceding wakefulness, likely related to accumulation of sleep-promoting substances in the brain.
  13. Packed with nutrients needed to start a new generation of plants, nuts are increasingly being recognized as powerhouses of health-promoting substances, especially for people who need to lower their cholesterol, triglycerides or blood pressure.
  14. They emphasize that there are many health-promoting substances in foods other than vitamins and minerals and that haphazard diets are likely to be unhealthy, even if people use vitamin and mineral supplements to bring their consumption of essential nutrients up to the recommended levels.
  15. The second most popular produce item, according to a newly published analysis of a recent national survey of what American adults eat, is the tomato, which is quite rich in health-promoting substances, including the carotenoid lycopene that appears to protect against prostate cancer.
  16. Information removed from the company's Web site includes claims that chickens raised for KFC suffer no pain or injuries, KFC prohibits its suppliers from giving chickens growth-promoting substances, and the company maintained an animal-welfare policy for nearly a decade, PETA said.
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