promoting sales in a sentence

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  1. It's also established subsidiaries to promote sales of billboards in soccer stadiums.
  2. Inside also promotes sales of its print magazine on its Web site.
  3. Two singles from the album were also released, promoting sales of the album.
  4. The direct mail magazine subscription service uses sweepstakes to promote sales.
  5. _$ 169 million for the government to promote sales of fruits and vegetables.
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  7. The page being contested was not written to promote sales of the book.
  8. They also inform consumers about the leading liquor brands and thus promote sales.
  9. "You can't promote sales in the United States by using pictures from uprising,"
  10. Then he dispatched representatives to promote sales to restaurants and bars.
  11. Macy's and other stores have adjusted their advertising schedules to promote sales next week.
  12. These activities and facilities support the farmers and also promote sales of agricultural products.
  13. Traditional Chinese dragon and lion dances are held at shopping malls to promote sales.
  14. Coordination is the organised arrangement of product that promotes sales.
  15. In the case of auto insurance, Fleet plans to use its branches to promote sales.
  16. Glickman plans to promote sales of U . S . fruit and tobacco as well.
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