prokarelia in a sentence

  1. ProKarelia publishes Internet pages in eight languages.
  2. ProKarelia also publishes the " Karelia Klubi " journal four times a year.
  3. These hopes live on, for instance, in the " Karjalan Liitto " and ProKarelia.
  4. In ProKarelia's vision, nearly half of the Russian population in Karelia would expel to Russia, and even more would leave if Finland paid their expenses for doing so.
  5. According to a survey conducted by ProKarelia, the area has natural advantages that, under Finnish rule, would make it a centre of trade with Russia and industry and thus bring economic growth fast enough to solve the entire problem.
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  7. A poll by Taloustutkimus was criticized by ProKarelia for asking leading questions, such as, " Do you support the return of Karelia, even if it would mean more tense relations or even war with Russia ? " 5 % of supporters and of those who declined to respond supported the return even under these circumstances ( 2.1 % of all replies ).

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