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  1. The Thai film " Nak Prok " is an example of this flexibility.
  2. Kinsey, known to his students as " Prok, " is charismatic, charming, energetic and a little weird.
  3. Red Light's Prok & Fitch remix was featured as Roger Sanchez's  hot download pick in 2009.
  4. The track featured new remixes by Van She, High Contrast, Prok & Fitch, eSquire, Ian Carey and more.
  5. Enshrined here is a Nak Prok statue ( statue with mythical serpents overhead ) which was brought to the temple by the queen.
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  7. This came as a result of Meurant's accepting a directorship of Prok Bank, a Russian-owned bank registered in Vanuatu.
  8. He clearly resents Kinsey, and although he often tells us Prok was " a great man, " the Prok he shows us is barely human.
  9. He clearly resents Kinsey, and although he often tells us Prok was " a great man, " the Prok he shows us is barely human.
  10. The two temples, Wat Prok and Wat Dawn, were raided on Tuesday and the monks were charged with illegal entry into Thailand, said an immigration police spokesman.
  11. Meanwhile, at the University, Professor Kinsey, who is affectionately called " Prok " by his graduate students, meets with students after hours to offer individual sexual advice.
  12. When Professor Kinsey-- or Prok, as he's known at IU-- starts projecting slides of female genitalia onto the classroom wall, Milk has an epiphany.
  13. In 1987 it received a new Boeing 737-300 G-BNCT . Additional contracts saw the lease of a further Boeing 737-300 G-PROK for the summer of 1987.
  14. Wat Prok and Wat Dawn have been raided repeatedly during the last several years as Thailand has improved relations with Burma's military government and withdrawn support for the neighboring country's rebellious ethnic groups.
  15. Petrenko participates by helping defend the Soviet trenches during the Battle of Kursk, securing Ponyri's streets, destroying German armor in Prok, and assaulting and defending Kharkov until the arrival of Soviet reinforcements.
  16. His marriage, to Clara McMillen ( known as Mac ), begins with some sexual awkwardness that is cured by practical information, and before long Professor Kinsey ( nicknamed Prok ) is dispensing advice to perplexed undergraduates at Indiana University.
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