projects in a sentence

"projects" in Chinese  
  1. A " yes " vote favors killing the project.
  2. Without a star, New Line declined to finance the project.
  3. The NATO project " is only a beginning,"
  4. Art makes them stick with projects and helps them develop discipline.
  5. At the moment, Gabriel is juggling five or six projects.
  6. It's difficult to find projects in a sentence.
  7. "We don't actively micromanage all these projects.
  8. The national landscape is littered with decaying, empty housing projects.
  9. Despite the road project, Penaloza's future looks bright.
  10. Funds come from donations given for the Clean and Green projects.
  11. The project is the biggest one for the museum since 1914.
  12. The space agency said it needed the money for other projects.
  13. Then the project must clear at least one more regulatory hurdle.
  14. The state is monitoring the project as a possible pilot program.
  15. Congestion can only get worse the longer the project is delayed.
  16. It was a project conceived on the scale of the Pharaohs.
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