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  1. The Wellfleet theater still uses its original RCA carbon arc projectors.
  2. "How about film projectors ? " said Stephen.
  3. This will save $ 275 a week for renting a projector.
  4. The screens are so enormous that they each require two projectors.
  5. They had the hall passes and went to get the projectors.
  6. It's difficult to find projector in a sentence.
  7. The projectors would have had to be placed on federal property.
  8. The projector has a fan that can make a distracting noise.
  9. An optical framing projector is like a slide or film projector.
  10. An optical framing projector is like a slide or film projector.
  11. Most projectors use color correct UV-free halogen light sources.
  12. There were no desks, no chalkboard and no overhead projector.
  13. The Table Tote could also easily accommodate a printer or projector.
  14. The actual keyboard projection is created by a small pattern projector.
  15. Its armpit was serving as a big-screen movie projector.
  16. Hard to imagine a chalkboard or an overhead projector inspiring nicknames.
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