projectnet in a sentence

  1. Projectnet contains over 5000 project descriptions.
  2. Project descriptions in the Projectnet are presented in exactly the form that the information producers have written them.
  3. As for new scientific projects, Projectnet is probably the first or even the only available information resource.
  4. The Projectnet application has been designed and programmed by MI Tietorakenteet Oy ( MI Information Structures Ltd ).
  5. The aim of Projectnet is to get more data producers who are researching natural resources involved in its network.
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  7. Projectnet was opened at the end of the year 2010, The Finnish version Hankehaavi started in January 2008.
  8. Project registers are usually maintained by individual organizations but from Projectnet one can search for project information from five different organizations at the same time.
  9. The purpose of Projectnet is to improve the discoverability, availability and usability of scientific information within the field of [ natural resources ] ].
  10. Projectnet has been produced by the Ministry on Agriculture and Forestry in cooperation with the Viikki Campus Library and the representatives of the research organizations who provide the data.
  11. By using Projectnet it is possible to find out quickly what is being researched within the field of natural resources, who the researchers are and in which organizations they are conducting their research.
  12. Projectnet doesn t manipulate the produced project descriptions in any way but its directories are created by the basis of the data fields in these descriptions to help the information seekers to find relevant information.
  13. Project information is usually found in the publications that come out of different projects and there are many publication databases in existence but Projectnet is the only extensive, multi-scientific project description database in Finland.
  14. All changes in these projects as well as any new projects that have been initiated are stored in the organization's own register, database or web page and these changes are automatically updated to the Projectnet at agreed upon intervals.
  15. The organizations that produce information for Projectnet are Finnish Food Safety Authority ( Evira ), the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute ( FGI ), the National Resources Institute Finland ( Luke ) as well as the Finnish Environment Institute ( SYKE ).
  16. Four faculties of the University of Helsinki are also involved in the Projectnet : Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy as well as the Viikki Campus Library of the Helsinki University Library.
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