projective transformations in a sentence

  1. The M鯾ius transformations are the projective transformations of the complex projective line.
  2. The cross-ratio is invariant under the projective transformations of the line.
  3. These include both affine transformations ( such as translation ) and projective transformations.
  4. The restriction of this projective transformation to the midsphere is a M鯾ius transformation.
  5. We see that projective transformations don't mix Gaussian curvatures of different sign.
  6. It's difficult to find projective transformations in a sentence.
  7. It is the study of geometric properties that are invariant with respect to projective transformations.
  8. Two matrices represent the same projective transformation if one is a constant multiple of the other.
  9. Projective transformations are represented by matrices.
  10. :Cross-ratio is a projective invariant i . e . it is unchanged by projective transformations.
  11. But I'm working with projective transformations now, and these volume elements aren't preserved.
  12. Finally, define H = H _ 2H _ 1 as the projective transformation for rectifying the first image.
  13. Judd determined that a more uniform color space could be found by a simple projective transformation of the CIEXYZ tristimulus values:
  14. The simplest technique is applying only projective transformation to the images for each eye ( simulating rotation of the eye ).
  15. Thus the group of projective transformations is the quotient of the general linear group by the scalar matrices called the projective linear group.
  16. by means of a suitable projective transformation ( normal forms for singular quadrics can have zeros as well as ? as coefficients ).
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