proceeding from in a sentence

"proceeding from" in Chinese  
  1. Visitors may watch the proceedings from fourth-floor spectator galleries.
  2. All the proceedings from 1893 till to date are kept here.
  3. All proceedings from the game went to Turina's family.
  4. The committee also took secretarial support during proceedings from Margaret Aldred.
  5. Nasals semidivided, the suture proceeding from the first upper labial.
  6. It's difficult to find proceeding from in a sentence.
  7. Nasal semidivided, the cleft proceeding from the first upper labial.
  8. The families of both victims monitored proceedings from the courtroom.
  9. Free these proceedings from the stigma of victor-justice,
  10. He was expected to be following the proceedings from Bangkok, Thailand.
  11. Bank Negara will continue to monitor the proceedings from now.
  12. I do think the union is proceeding from a position of strength.
  13. Journalists and spectators watched the proceedings from behind a bulletproof glass window.
  14. Russell said soldiers observed proceedings from a distance but did not approach.
  15. Parliamentary rules ban parliamentary proceedings from being broadcast in a satirical context.
  16. The Society also publishes proceedings from the annual ALS conference.
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