proceeding against in a sentence

"proceeding against" in Chinese  
  1. No mention is made in public about the proceedings against him.
  2. The lawsuit is proceeding against three manufacturers that did not settle.
  3. All were granted temporary legal status pending court proceedings against Vinson.
  4. The legal proceedings against Livoti have been complicated from the start.
  5. The chairman himself interfered to stop any legal proceedings against them.
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  7. Clinton made no public mention of the proceedings against him Wednesday.
  8. The profile led to discharge proceedings against McVeigh for being homosexual.
  9. As result, the department has begun termination proceedings against Waugh.
  10. In exchange, lawmakers agreed to drop impeachment proceedings against Lukashenko.
  11. Extradition proceedings against him must wait until that case is completed.
  12. They said extradition proceedings against the other suspect could take weeks.
  13. Ranariddh has said he regards the proceedings against him as illegitimate.
  14. An immigration judge dismissed deportation proceedings against him in May 1997.
  15. The ORT station has meanwhile been fighting bankruptcy proceedings against it.
  16. Separate proceedings against the abbot are being considered by monastic courts.
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