proceeded in a sentence

"proceeded" in Chinese  
  1. Ten years ago, replanting would have proceeded with metronomic regularity.
  2. They spotted two older kids, whom they proceeded to attack.
  3. He then proceeded to bash in the girl's head.
  4. They then proceeded to eat their food and ignore the applicant.
  5. The Nets then proceeded to lay an egg of their own.
  6. It's difficult to find proceeded in a sentence.
  7. With that, he bought his chips and proceeded to play.
  8. Bills fans proceeded to hurl the candy at the Dolphins bench.
  9. The number of the poisoned passengers increased as the train proceeded.
  10. But his trial, which began in 1988, proceeded slowly.
  11. Kafelnikov said _ and proceeded to click off five straight games.
  12. The Dodgers proceeded to win three of their next four games.
  13. Van Almsick then proceeded to win and set a world record.
  14. He then proceeded to retire the last 10 hitters he faced.
  15. But the child proceeded to talk about me behind my back.
  16. He calmly proceeded into our back yard to read the meter.
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