proceeded with in a sentence

"proceeded with" in Chinese  
  1. Ten years ago, replanting would have proceeded with metronomic regularity.
  2. Despite the injury, Barkley has proceeded with business as usual.
  3. Organizers proceeded with the race after a brief commemoration was held.
  4. The Oratorians proceeded with construction despite public protests at their presence.
  5. The other battalion proceeded with the assault at 11 : 00.
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  7. The team proceeded with the project with the backing of Paramount.
  8. Subsequently the school proceeded with the project with their own finance.
  9. The NTC dismissed his complaint and proceeded with the flawed design.
  10. She gathered the 38 surviving vessels and proceeded with the convoy.
  11. Nevertheless, blacklisting proceeded with a measure of even-handedness.
  12. Liddel's scheme was not proceeded with at that time.
  13. The scheme failed to attract support and was not proceeded with.
  14. Anshuman and Karthik then proceeded with teaching photo uploads on Wikipedia.
  15. Trenchard gave a speech, and then proceeded with the unveiling.
  16. Mr . Bowers took the bench and proceeded with the case.
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