proceeded from in a sentence

"proceeded from" in Chinese  
  1. His funeral cortage proceeded from his Annerley residence to the cemetery.
  2. Construction proceeded from 1682 through 1712, when the architect died.
  3. Both sides termed the talks encouraging and proceeded from there.
  4. These days it's proceeded from counseling to counselors.
  5. Depending on the historical period, borrowing has proceeded from various languages.
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  7. During this early period in Oregon history, most trade proceeded from Hillsboro.
  8. As planned, the attack proceeded from four directions.
  9. In general, work proceeded from south to north.
  10. They proceeded from the railway station to the Chowk.
  11. As did the essentialists, the functionalists proceeded from reports to investigative studies.
  12. What was done at that place and its vicinity proceeded from my orders.
  13. The wedding procession, in all jubilation, proceeded from Karagahalli to Hadinaadu.
  14. All my conscious life proceeded from that understanding.
  15. The army proceeded from Cambridge to Bury St Edmunds and retreated again to Cambridge.
  16. He was accorded a state funeral; it proceeded from All Saints Anglican Church.
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