proceeded by in a sentence

  1. From Greece, Hadrian proceeded by way of Asia to Egypt.
  2. They landed at Boston and proceeded by train to Iowa City.
  3. The family proceeded by riverboat to Koblenz, Bonn and Cologne.
  4. The second of these prayers is proceeded by the Catherine I.
  5. Fund-raising at Hofstra has proceeded by relative dribs and drabs.
  6. It's difficult to find proceeded by in a sentence.
  7. The album was proceeded by the single " High Ticket Attractions ".
  8. The program is proceeded by Jurnal VOA from Washington DC.
  9. They proceeded by blockading the remaining hill were Alexander encamped.
  10. The staff of the airfields proceeded by sea to India.
  11. It then proceeded by train to the Romsey Rest Camp, Winchester.
  12. Chungi Barua " who proceeded by different routes against the Dafalas.
  13. He later proceeded by seniority to Master of Arts.
  14. He then proceeded by appointing new administrators, who were his own men.
  15. Early in 1828 they proceeded by Belfast to Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.
  16. So a large fraction of drive failures are proceeded by essentially no indications.
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