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  1. Repeat the procedure to mark the positions for the remaining legs.
  2. Tiebreaking procedures would likely put Springfield and Brooklyn in the final.
  3. Last year AT & T undertook a booking procedure.
  4. But even in this range, procedures will be much simplified.
  5. The same procedure will be followed by visitors arriving from Jordan.
  6. It's difficult to find procedures in a sentence.
  7. One researcher compared the procedure to a bypass without the surgeon.
  8. "It's quite a gross procedure,"
  9. Instead, the fight shifted to the availability of the procedure.
  10. Wells that are not damaged should be disinfected using these procedures:
  11. The same procedure was applied to the flanks of the plot.
  12. Coach Marty Schottenheimer called the procedure " precautionary ."
  13. Alt said that procedure involved shaving protrusions from the damaged disks.
  14. Kallander said of the " Appendix J " procedure.
  15. Much of this, of course, is standard revival procedure.
  16. Others have lobbied for stronger enforcement procedures and better disciplinary oversight.
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