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  1. Park admits it's a painstaking proce dure.
  2. Characterization and Optical study on Zinc Sulphide nanostructures doped with Gadolinium ions, Proce.
  3. 9 . Optical Band gap on wurtzite Zinc Sulphide nanocrystallites doped with lanthanum ions ( Proce.
  4. Both are on paid administrative leave pending an in vestigation, which is standard proce dure in police shootings.
  5. "But I'm afraid they're looking only at proce dures and not at substance.
  6. It's difficult to find proce in a sentence.
  7. Characterization, Thermal effect on Optical band gap energy and Photoluminescence in wurtzite ZnO : Er Nanocrystallites, Proce.
  8. Variation of Crystalline parameters with capping agents and Optical study of CdS Nanoparticles doped with Erbium ions, Proce.
  9. The chance that a finding of misconduct will alter the balance is simply too attenuated to invoke the proce-dural guarantees of the Due Process Clause.
  10. Most also require special proce-c, 12p2 dures that cramp some presenters'style, such as requiring the user to push a button to change colors.
  11. His counterpart at the Dean campaign, Joe Trippi, responded that the charge was a " sleazy " tactic and the " reason that people have stopped participating in txu proce Trippi said.
  12. Anisotropy in elastic properties in Potassium Lithium Hydrogen Sulphate ( Proce . of the International conference of Ferroelectric and dielectrics, AMF-4, Dec . 12-15, 2003 at IISc Bangalore p . 47)
  13. The FAA's complex safety regula tions are intended to protect the traveling public by requiring surgi cally precise maintenance proce dures on aircraft and to spot flaws in safety oversight that could lead to potentially fatal accidents.
  14. More than 500 German intellectuals signed a petition against Schimmel receiving the proce, objecting especially to her apparent sympathy for Iran's 1989 death threat against Salman Rushdie for his novel " The Satanic Verses ."
  15. -- Mazel Stores Inc . ( MAZL US ) was rated " buy " in new coverage by analyst Brent R . Rystrom at Piper Jaffray Inc . The 12-month proce target is $ 20 per share.
  16. Dielectric and conductivity anomaly near 260K in Potassium sulphamate single crystal ( Proce . of 3rd International conference on ionic devices ICID2006, held at Anna university, Chennai, on Dec . 7-9, 2006, p . 103)
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