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  1. There are lots of examples of change in now private factories.
  2. Even the once-vaunted system of private schools is crumbling.
  3. European Union officials favor turning communications over to the private sector.
  4. Baylor will be the only private school in the Big 12.
  5. Can the private sector create enough jobs to absorb welfare recipients?
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  7. But enthusiasm for private child-support companies is hardly unanimous.
  8. Marketing tactics by some private companies illustrate one reason for concern.
  9. The loans are made to governments, not to private entities.
  10. Most of the time, we do our fearing in private.
  11. But in my regular life, I like to be private.
  12. Most of the networks are operated by universities or private businesses.
  13. Private sector funds are paying for the two-year campaign.
  14. It is not a private purse for Chavis or anyone else.
  15. The private relief agencies are outraged at the lack of protection.
  16. Other insurers voluntarily paid rebates after private negotiations with the department.
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